What goes in what bin?


Paper and cardboard

  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Books, catalogues, brochures
  • Writing paper, notepads, copy books
  • Printer paper, packaging paper
  • Cardboard boxes (folded flat), cartons

No dirty paper (refuse bin); no milk or juice cartons (yellow bin).


Organic waste
For kitchen and garden waste.

  • Tea bags, tea leaves and coffee grounds and filters
  • Egg shells, kitchen roll paper
  • Fruit, vegetables and peelings
  • Food, including fish and meat
  • Plant clippings, leaves, dead flowers, etc.
  • Hedge clippings, twigs
  • Biodegradable cat litter

No plastic bags, no flower pots, no soil, no rocks, no feces of carnivorous pets, no cigarette butts (poisonous with or without filters), no dust bags (heavy metals).



  • Plastic bags, foils, nets
  • Plastic bottles, tubs, containers, tubes
  • Yoghurt and margarine tubs
  • Polystyrene packaging
  • Milk and juice cartons; vacuum packaging
  • Food and drink cans
  • Lids, aluminium foil
  • Fruit crates, wooden cigar boxes
  • Fabric bags and packaging

No glass, paper or cardboard. No implements or utensils made in plastic or metal (refuse bin).


Refuse bin
Use only for waste that cannot be recycled!

  • Cold ash, cigarette butts
  • Wall paper, carpets
  • Ceramics, china
  • Nappies, vacuum cleaner bags.

No recyclables! No hazardous materials!